Fifty Miles of Stormy Water

I met a dark eyed lady,as I went upon my way
Stood by a lake through the city's haze
On a misty autumn day
She took me to that island
Far across those fathoms deep
As the leaves fell fast like pages of the past
Underneath our feet, underneath our feet

The dark eyed lady spoke to me a sorry winter's tale
As we gazed out from that western shore
Out into the gale
She told me of her children scattered
To the earth's four corners wide
And of those ships of Spanish gold
Coming in on the tide
Coming in on the tide

And somewhere within the restless sleep
Of a troubled night it seems
Where your shadows drift on a boat of time
Upon a sea of dreams
I see the ghosts all around your stones
Through the memory of your tears
Across fifty miles of stormy water
Across ten thousand years
Across ten thousand years

The dark eyed lady played with me
That old familiar tune
As we sang that song that will never end
Drunk beneath the moon
I rose with her triumphant
In both harmony and rhyme
That echoes on forever over endless space and time
Endless space and time

And somewhere within the restless sleep...
Martin at Seagrave