Remember our first date, my dear,
When I was just sixteen
I was fresh up from the country
And, oh boy, was I green!

You showed me round the city
It was never all new to me,
I was used to fields and flowers
But it was here I had to be.

You took me to the pictures
Can't remember what we saw;
But I do recall a wrestling match
So I bit you on the paw!

We first kissed in the bus shelter
Where I waited to get home
My dad would be waiting for me
To ensure I didn'y roam.

You carries me over a puddle once
(I was much lighter then)
You opened doors and treated me,
A proper gentleman.

I wonder where you are now
And if you ever think of me?
Perhaps you are a grandad
With cjildren on your knee.

WE had good times together
Oh, so many years ago
Are you wrinkled, bald and old?
Thank God I'll never know!