Support Your Neighbourhood Fanatic.

We are the instruments of God, we are the holy ones,
Heading for our destiny with holy books and guns,
I am the right hand of Allah, God bless the USA,
Vengeance is mine, Lord, go on make my day!

We live life by the book, every chapter, every verse,
But just like pictures in the clouds, we turn blessings to a
Oh, let the prophet speak as the blood runs cold,
Divine wind a coming puts a chill into the soul.

Support your neighbourhood fanatic,
Let him fix you with his gaze
On the ghost train to salvation with a smile upon his face
He can't make it to the lifeboat no matter how he tries,
Let him drag us down to doomsday on his way to paradise.

With a licence to kill just like 007,
From Drumcree up to Shankhill Road we're on our way to
Fitted out with blinkers to make us run straight and true,
It hurts a lot to laugh when you're one of the lean and hungry

Our will it is surrendered to that great ventriloquist in the sky.
We've got one eye on God and one on home made apple pie,
We feel the need to follow, it makes us feel kinda nice,
Joyriding to Valhalla on a nuclear device...

Support your neighbourhood fanatic...

Take us to your leader so we don't have to think,
Take us to the water, duck our heads and make us drink,
Give us all the answers so we don't have to cheat.
Let's all fall in line and goosestep down the street.

Support your neighbourhood fanatic,(x2)

We are the instruments of God, we are the holy ones,