Golden Bough

Key of C minor (Capo 3)

(1)(2)(1)(2)(1)(3)(E) play this twice

(Am)Listen to the (C)trees a sighing
(D)In the winter(Dm) wind and(Am) rain
(Am)Once we were a (C)mighty nation
(G)Now we're cutten (Em)down again
(Bm)Pay the cost of(F#) man's ambition
(A*)Progress, greed and thoughtless (E)schemes
(Am)Where the hunters (C)chased the wildboar
(D)Now but a (Dm)memory and a (Am)dream

So(Am) let us take a solemn vow
That (F)we will seek the golden bough
In the (D)shelter of your (Dm)sacred bower
As the (Am)green man waits u(E)pon his hour
(Am)Listen to the song again
As(F) Robin and his merry men
We(D) feel the earth start (Dm)breathing when
You (G)spread your(D) branches o'er the (E)ground

Play intro once…

(Am)Ships that sail the (C)mighty ocean
(D)Fuel for the oily(Dm) black ma(Am)chines
Axe is sharp, takes (C)but an instant
To(G) end the work of a (Em)thousand years
(Bm)Future gone in an (F#)eyelid's blinking
(A*)Where the birds no longer (E)sing
(Am)Man thinks not be(C)yond the moment
(D)When he (Dm)crowns himself the (Am)King

So let us take a solemn vow …

Play intro once…,

(Am)Plant the ash and (C) plant the hawthorn
(D)With the oak and (Dm)chestnut (Am)tall
Give new heart through(C)out the shires
(G)Shelter creatures(Em) great and small
(Bm)Where the ivy and the (F#)bramble
(A*)Cover over forest (E)floor
From (Am)springtime waking (C)bleary eyed
Or (D)autumn (Dm)leaves that silent (Am)fall

So let us take a solemn vow ..

Finish with intro but end on E sus not E